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C5 petroleum resin knowledge

Where is the main purpose of petroleum resin


(1) Active diluent Many kinds of alicyclic petroleum compounds can be used as active diluent. In particular, Petroleum 269 and Petroleum 206 are both high boiling point and low viscosity liquids. After mixing with petroleum resin, not only the viscosity of the petroleum system is significantly reduced, but the heat distortion temperature after curing is almost constant, and the mechanical properties are not reduced. General petroleum diluent cannot be compared with it.

(2) Insulating materials, potting materials and casting materials, aliphatic petroleum resin has good weather resistance and can be made into outdoor high-voltage insulators to replace ceramic products. It has the characteristics of light weight, small size, good impact resistance and easy production. Because of its excellent electrical properties and color stability, it can be used as a packaging material for light-emitting diodes. After being plasticized with polyols, it is widely used in potting of transformers, high voltage coils and various small electronic components.

Such products can simultaneously meet the requirements of good thermal shock resistance, high thermal deformation temperature, and excellent critical electrical characteristics. Because the alicyclic petroleum resin has high heat resistance, small curing shrinkage, and good dimensional stability, it can be used to make petroleum cast mold tires (plastic molds). It has the advantages of easier processing than metal molds, lower price, lighter weight, and convenient molding operation. It is especially suitable for composite parts with large molding size, complex profile, high precision and low output. It has been widely used in aircraft and automobile manufacturing.

(3) Composite alicyclic petroleum resin has good heat resistance, mechanical properties and weather resistance, especially low stiffness and long pot life, especially suitable for wet lamination molding and winding molding to make high-strength heat-resistant composite materials . It has been applied to deep-water submarines and missiles.

(4) Adhesive In addition to high strength and good heat resistance, it is also unique in bonding applications because it can form high-strength bonds with dirty surfaces or even oily metal surfaces.

(5) Coatings In addition to high temperature resistance, the characteristics of alicyclic petroleum resin coatings can improve the surface resistance and tracking resistance of electrical coatings, as well as the color retention and durability of the coating film. It can produce topcoats and UV curable coatings with excellent performance.