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Application characteristics of petroleum resin


(1) It has great flexibility and diversity in formula design. According to different performance and process performance requirements, we can design the best formula with strong pertinence. This is a major feature and advantage in the application of petroleum resins. However, each best formula has a certain range of application (conditions), and it is not suitable to be adopted under any process conditions and arbitrary use conditions. In other words, there is no best formula for "***". Different optimal formulas must be designed according to different conditions.

Since the curing principles of petroleum resin curing systems of different formulations are not completely the same, the curing process of petroleum resin, that is, curing process conditions, has a great influence on the structure and performance of petroleum cured products. The performance of the product obtained with the same formula under different curing process conditions will be very different. Therefore, correctly making the best material formula design and process design is the key to petroleum resin application technology, and it is also the secret of technology. To be able to produce and develop petroleum materials with the required properties, it is necessary to design the corresponding special formula and its molding process conditions.

Therefore, it is necessary to deeply understand and master the structure and performance of petroleum resin and its curing agent, modifier, etc., the reaction mechanism between them, and the influence on the structure and performance of petroleum cured product. Only in this way can it be handy in material formulation design and process design, use it freely, obtain the best solution, and produce and develop petroleum materials and products with the best performance and the lowest cost.

(2) Different petroleum resin curing systems can be cured at low temperature, room temperature, medium temperature or high temperature respectively, can be cured on wet surfaces or even in water, can be cured quickly and slowly, so it is adaptable to the requirements of construction and manufacturing processes Very strong. Petroleum resin can be molded at low pressure or contact pressure, so it can reduce the requirements for molding equipment and molds, reduce investment, and reduce costs.

(3) Among the three general-purpose thermosetting resins, the price of petroleum resin is relatively high, which has a certain influence on the application. However, due to its excellent performance, it is mainly used in occasions with high performance requirements, especially in areas with high requirements for comprehensive performance.