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The use of carbon nine petroleum resin_petroleum resin manufacturer


Unlike ordinary resins, petroleum resins cannot be used alone. In order to improve the performance of various products, they are generally compounded with other substances. The uses of C9 petroleum resin are roughly as follows:

(1) Application situation of coating industry. In the paint industry, it can bond with other resins and completely or partially replace high-priced resins, which can reduce costs and improve product gloss, hardness, water resistance, stability and chemical resistance. For example, in the formula of novolac, C9 petroleum resin is used to replace rosin-modified phenolic resin and rosin calcium resin. The resulting product meets the standards of novolac and phenolic enamel, while the cost of C9 petroleum resin is 1/lower than that of rosin-modified phenolic resin. 4, thus greatly reducing the cost. Adding cycloaliphatic petroleum resin to epoxy resin and PU cool paint can improve the product's hardness, bending performance, temperature and water resistance, weather resistance and other indicators.

(2) Use adhesives. With adhesives, oleoresin mainly plays a bonding role. The main components are natural rubber, synthetic rubber, polyolefin, polyacrylate, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and other basic polymers. Petroleum resin is added to improve the bonding stability, creep resistance and Heat resistance. For example, when petroleum resin and SBS thermoplastic elastomer block copolymer are mixed in toluene and hexane solvent, the prepared viscous mixture can be used to make pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes as pressure-sensitive adhesives.

(3) Application in the rubber industry. C9 petroleum resin for rubber industry, this product is mainly used as rubber softener. The styrene-butadiene rubber itself does not have viscosity and hardness. The addition of C9 petroleum resin can split the molecular chain of the styrene-butadiene rubber, so that the product has a good uniformity of softness and viscosity. On the contrary, petroleum resin C9 can reduce the synthetic rubber made of natural rubber. If the quality of the rubber product does not change, the cost has been greatly reduced. As for the process, the use of oleoresin can save a raw rubber smelting process, shorten the production cycle, and improve economic efficiency.

   (4) Use printing ink. With ink, oil-based resin is mainly used as a connecting material. Many components in the ink have good compatibility with petroleum resins and are used in printing inks of various specifications. Each petroleum resin can meet the requirements of various indicators such as wetting rate, drying rate, solvent release rate and water resistance. . Processing ink with petroleum resin can maintain the stability of pigment dispersion for a long time.