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C5 petroleum resin



  1. C5 Petroleum Resin Product Specifications:


product description:

C5 petroleum resin is an aliphatic petroleum resin widely used in tire rubber mixing. It has good compatibility with natural rubber (NR), synthetic rubber, polyethylene, SIS, SEBS, EVA, etc., and is tackified with natural Resins (such as terpenes, rosin and their derivatives) are also compatible.

In rubber mixing, it can be used as tackifier, reinforcing agent, softener, filler, etc.

In rubber mixing 1. It has excellent viscosity increasing 2. It can play a role of softening and strengthening during processing, improving stretchability and peeling resistance 3. Significantly improving the stickiness, but does not affect the vulcanization time and after vulcanization The physical properties of 4. Avoid adhesion to processing machinery 5. Help the filling material to be evenly distributed 6. The color is moderate

Application areas:

Other rubber products, such as tires, shoe soles, heels, floors, belts, rubber tubes, inner tubes, light-colored rubber daily necessities, etc.