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C9 petroleum resin



  1. C9 Petroleum Resin Product Specifications:


product description:

C9 petroleum resin has the characteristics of low acid value, good miscibility, water resistance, ethanol resistance and chemical resistance. It is chemically stable to acid and alkali, and has the characteristics of good viscosity adjustment and thermal stability. C9 petroleum resin is generally not used alone, but as an accelerator, regulator, modifier and other resins.

Application areas:

1. Paint

The paint mainly uses C9 petroleum resin with high softening point. The addition of petroleum resin to the paint can increase the gloss of the paint and improve the adhesion, hardness, acid and alkali resistance of the paint film.

2. Tires and rubber

Tires and rubber mainly use low softening point C9 petroleum resin. This kind of resin has good mutual solubility with natural rubber particles and has no major influence on the rubber vulcanization process. The addition of petroleum resin to tires and rubber can increase viscosity, strengthen, and soften, and the cost is low.

3. Adhesive industry

C9 petroleum resin has good adhesion. The addition of petroleum resin to adhesives and pressure-sensitive tapes can improve the adhesive's adhesion, acid resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance, and can effectively reduce production costs. .

4. Ink industry

Petroleum resins for printing inks are mainly high softening point petroleum resins. The addition of petroleum resin to the ink can achieve the effects of color development, quick drying, brightening, and improving printing performance.

5. Others: The resin has a certain degree of unsaturation and can be used as a paper sizing agent, plastic modifier, etc.